Cinecity Professional Camera Support Kit for Panasonic Lumix GH4/ GH3 and Sony A7/A7r/A7s cameras (FC-A7G34-KIT)


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Expand the possibilities of your Panasonic lumix and sony camera with our Cinecity Professional Camera Support kit that opens the doorway to real professional performance. 

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Expand the possibilities of your Panasonic lumix and sony camera with our Cinecity  Professional Camera Support kit that opens the doorway to real professional performance. 

Shoot like the pros and conquer a new level of smoothness with our secure and stable platform and get fatigue free shooting experience on the move. 

Illustrate extraordinary shots more confidently and creatively with great performance from outdoor extremes to indoor studio shoot. 

When ordinary just isn’t good enough !! 

sony a7s cage
filmcity rig kit

Revised on 21-June-2016

A camera is as good as its operator. So, in order to assist camera operators working with their hottest cameras on the market, Cinecity has developed a wonderful solution. Users will surely find the perfect match for their shooting style.

Sophisticated in design and functionality but easy to set up and use, this video shoulder support with cage and matte box, truly is a value added production tool, second to none.


Cinecity Camera Cage Shoulder Kit Consists of : 

cage for sony a7s
1.  Mattebox MB-600 
2.  Camera Cage : 
3.  Handles 
4.  15mm Straight Bracket and Z Bracket (Revised on 21-June-2016) 
5.  X1 Follow Focus 
6.  Shoulder Pad (Revised on 21-June-2016) 
7.  Junction Rod Adapter 
8.  15mm Rod Adapter 
9.  Top Handle 
10.  Hot Shoe 
11.  Counter Weight 
12.  Handle Bracket 
13.  5x 300mm Female Rods 


->  Fully Functional DSLR rig with designed in flexibility.
->  Universal Base plate fits most DV, HDV and DSLR Camcorders.
->  Stabilization reduces vibration and unwanted movement.
->  Custom adjustable soft shoulder pad for comfortable use.
->  Stress and fatigue reduction for hours of continuous shooting.
->  Easy mount capability for follow focus - matte box and more.
->  Amateur - Prosumer - Professional application.
->  Easy to setup, easier to use.

shoulder support
Durable hand held convenient design with tremendous results
Exclusive of Camera


->  Mounting rods are aluminum - precision made to standard specifications 
->  Center to Center span of 60mm
->  15mm Rod diameter
->  Adjustable comfort shoulder support pad of energy absorbing, pliable rubber
->  Soft grip rubber handles for reduced stress
->  Quick Release Plate with leveler
->  Standard camera mount thread setting of 1/4"-20
->  ¼"-20 for Tripod Mounting


sony a7r a7 shoulder support kit
Designed to provide supplemental camera protection and handling options


Handles gives you a powerful grip so you don’t have to worry about slippage.
camera handles

support pad

SHOULDER SUPPORT PAD (Revised on 21-June-2016)

Shoulder Support Pad easily fits into the industry-standard 15mm accessory rods. An included mount allows you to mount the shoulder pad on the camera rig.


This counter weight properly balanced and will help to get stable steady video shots for the long time. This will also eliminate your fatigue while working with camera shoulder rig for the long time.
counter weight

straight bracket

15MM STRAIGHT BRACKET (Revised on 21-June-2016)

Can be used as central bracket to center the camera. It can be used where using handheld camera rig with 15mm Rails (60mm center distance) or with any other package as per the capability. It is very useful accessory for the DSLR users to bring the camera more closer to the eye. The 15mm Straight Bracket is made of high impact, high strength Polyamide 66.

FREE Z-BRACKET (Revised on 21-June-2016)

15mm Z-bracket (60mm center-to-center distance) allows you to center align the camera. You can use it on any camera shoulder mount kit with 15mm rails (60mm center distance) or with any other compatible package. ‘Z’ bracket allows operators to adjust for better eye line contact with your cameras LCD display.
sony a7r a7 camera rigs


The Cinecity Cage is CNC milled from high grade aluminum and hard anodized for durability. It features a myriad of 1/4"-20 mounting points along the top, sides, and bottom. This allows you to mount your accessories to the cage to larger items like Lcd, EVF, H4n etc..that has actually been done with one of our cages!

sony a7r a7 rigs
Elegantly formulated with quality assured


Top handle is made from aluminum. It has right/left adjustments.
top handle

sony a7 or sony a7r rig kit


Quick mount & removal of camera with the help of the camera mounting plate consisting of 1/4"-20 standard screws with 15mm Rods Adapter.


This 15mm rod adapter clamp with 60mm central distance perfectly works with 15mm industrial standard rods.
sony a7r and a7 rig

sony a7 a7r rig


The 15mm Tripod Mounting base having both 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 threaded holes for standard tripods. This base is complete made of black anodized aluminum. The knobs are aluminum silver anodized.


Anti-Twist front stops on the forward edge of the cage that aligns the GH3/GH4 Camera parallel to the cage.
top handle

sony a7 and a7r rig

->  Specially designed Camera Cage for Panasonic Lumix GH4/ GH3 and Sony A7/A7r/A7s cameras.
->  Top Handle with Screw for easy adjustment.
->  Special Bottom and Top holes designed for excellent ventilation.
->  Easy configuration of View Finders, LCD Monitors and other preferred accessories.
->  Tripod mounting feature.
->  Standard screw thread for a tripod base plate on the bottom of the cage for Panasonic Lumix GH4/ GH3 and 
     Sony A7/A7r/A7s cameras.

sony a7 rig
Super comfortable equipment to achieve superb shots


->  Lightweight construction from CNC machined components. 
->  Threaded screw mounts of 1/4''-20.
->  1/4"-20 allen bolt.
->  15mm industrial standard Aluminum rods..

sony a7 support
Quality and reliability now covers the Panasonic Lumix GH4/ GH3 and Sony A7/A7r/A7s CAMERAS

Cinecity MB-600 MATTEBOX
Revised on 03-Sep-2015

Cinecity Mattebox comes with both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios format so it can be used with both normal as well as wide angle lenses. 4:3 and 16:9 ratio mask can easily be attached or removed with four small screws.

camera matte box


Matte Box has Long top Flag for extra protection from direct light. Camera Sunshade Matte Box lens hood has side barn doors with height adjustment feature so user can adjust the height of the side barn doors as per his requirement.
mattebox flags

filter holders


It has two 4x4 filter holder perfect for polarized and a combination of square filters. Rotating filter holder allow the user to remove or install square filters without disturbing microphone or flash settings.


Front Adjuster attaches Matte Box to the 15mm rods. The front adjuster is made of aluminum. It is designed with quick lock mechanism.
sony a7s rig



A black-out fabric cover wraps around the barrel of your lens to block out any light completely.


A quality, full featured product compatible to the most modern DV/HDV/ & DSLR camera lenses available today. With more and more DSLR's used to record video, a proper follow focus system is a must. Operators using our Cinecity X1 camera follow focus sing its praises and have discovered the true value of this all-inclusive kit.

follow focus
Agile and smooth with great focusing technique


->  Gear driven design for slip-free, accurate movement.
->  Adjustable slide mounting mechanism to fit any lens diameter.
->  Adjustable locking system Mounts on 15 mm Rod Support (60mm center to center).
->  Allows extremely focusing lenses to be geared and used with Follow Focus industry standard 0.8 module.
->  Fits most lenses with proper focus gear drive (currently shipping 0.8/2.51mm pitch).
->  Follow focus gear ring works on any prime or zoom lens.


->  All aluminum construction except knobs and marking disk
->  Magnetic marking disk 
->  Gear Arm adjustable distance - 55 mm 
->  Follow focus gear Diameter- 40mm
->  Follow Focus Construction - Black Anodized Aluminum
->  Fit Rail Distance - 60 mm 
->  Fit Rail Diameter - 15 mm 
->  Nylon and ABS Gears
->  Dial Index Adjustment - 360 degrees
->  Dial Outside Diameter - 90mm (of white outer wheel) 
->  Gear Weight - 30 grams 
->  Follow Focus Weight -600 grams approx

gh4 camera rig

follow focus
Exclusive of Camera
6 GEAR RING SET  (Revised on 11-Mar-2016)

Quick, easy and precise adjustments to the focus. Attaches quickly without any damaging screws or glue. 

follow focus
The Professional Follow-Focus can be used with all lens types from Canon, Nikon, Sony, RED and more. Mounts to all DSLR cameras, video cameras, HDV, DV, and HD/SLR cameras with a movie function. 


->  Industry standard 0.8mm pitch, compatible with follow
     focus systems of other brands.
->  Unique locking method prevents slippage.


The Speed Crank switches your follow focus unit to crank operation. Made of anodized aluminum ends with a stainless steel shaft, the crank contains absolutely no plastic. 

GEAR RING SET (55mm-110mm)

The included 6 gear rings fits all standard lenses when using our camtree Follow Focus. 

follow focus system


->  Used for precision-controlled manual focus racking
->  Has a rugged aluminum locking insert
->  It makes for smooth focus pulls without camera shake


->  Material - Black anodized aluminum
->  Length - 4.5"
->  Connector size - 12mm x 12mm

dslr video follow focus

Another value added, quality product The PROAIM X1 camera follow focus system, Precision engineered for 'no slip', we make it easy. 

FREE Handle Bracket

Cinecity presents a new Handle Bracket perfect for mostly every HD video cameras. This HDV Handle Bracket support camera mount adapter is flat from the top which directly gets mounted to any mini steadycam for quick low angle shots that are difficult to get. This Handle Bracket features multiple mounting options like audio transmitters, LCD Monitors or other accessories to your camera.

lumix professional camera rig
Ultimate piece of equipment for mounting various accessories

FREE Wire Clamp

lumix camera rig


panasonic video camera rig
High tech cinematic equipment with endless mounting options
sony a7 photographers rig

Exclusive of Camera, Mic, A-Box, Viewfinder, 3/8"-16 Bolt, Mounting Arm, LED Light,
Ball Tilt Head, Fluid Head and Tripod Stand

Weight 11.00 lbs

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