CAMTREE HUNT Pro Cage Shoulder Rig For Blackmagic Cinema / Production Camera 4K (CH-CPRO-RIG)


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Camtree hunt has unveiled their latest Pro cage shoulder rig for blackmagic cinema camera and production camera 4K. 

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Camtree hunt has unveiled their latest Pro cage shoulder rig for blackmagic cinema camera and production camera 4K. 

Infinite mounting points for virtually any setup will transform your blackmagic into a production ready tool. You can quickly swatch between shooting stills and shooting video with it.

Think about the story, think about the picture! Your Blackmagic Cinema and Production Camera 4K is in safe arms of Camtree Hunt Pro Cage Shoulder Rig.

Impressive is the word to best define our lightweight and versatile Pro cage shoulder rig that exceeds your expectations and the demands of today’s image capture technology. 

Tan High Impact Protective Packing for Carrying, Transporting and Storing your Valuable Equipment – absolutely FREE with this Product.

Combined with the quality, precision, this Pro cage shoulder rig provides maximum features at a revolutionary price, just for you!

rig for blackmagic cinema camera
Brilliance compressed to perfection
->  Elegantly designed for Blackmagic Cinema Camera
->  Delivers maximum protection: crush-proof, crash-proof
->  Performance oriented, professional quality shoulder rig
->  Stylish & uniquely designed top handle
->  Strong, sturdy and well balanced set-up
->  Provides a more stable and secure mounting apparatus to your subject
->  Perfect balance between strength and light weight

black magic cinema camera shoulder rig
Revised on 4-Jan-2016
black magic cinema camera rigs logo

Pro cage shoulder rig for Blackmagic Cinema camera from Camtree is an aluminum cage and rod system. It consists of camera support system, which is form fitting and allows unobstructed access to the camera's features, connectors, battery, and SD card slot. Wrapped in mounting points, Pro Cage opens up your rig to limitless peripheral arrangements. Procage protects the camera body, significantly improves handheld shooting possibilities and adds a multitude of accessory attachment points. The bottom mounting plate provides ventilation for the camera and lightens the weight of cage. This is a great starting rig for tripod or low mode shooting! 

It also acts as a roll bar, should your camera be dropped or hit. And since it leaves the camera clear, you can swap cards or batteries or attach cables in the middle of a shoot, all with the camera safe and secure within the Cage. 


->  CAMTREE HUNT Pro cage for Blackmagic cinema camera cage (Revised on 18-Dec-2015)
->  Flexible Camera Mount Shoulder Rig
->  EVF mount with 15mm rod adapter
->  Blackmagic Camera Power Cable D-TAP to DC Plug
->  15mm rod support
->  2x 15mm rod (s) 300mm long
->  2x 15mm rod (s) 150mm long
->  Multi Power Splitter (CH-PS-F) (Revised on 4-Jan-2016)
->  FREE V-Remote Controller

bmcc rigs
High tech tool adds X factor to your work
Revised on 4-Jan-2016

EXCLUSIVE of Camera, View finder and Battery


-> Heavy Duty all aluminum/metal construction
-> Bottom pocket designed for excellent ventilation
-> Ideal configuration for EVF, monitor and other accessories
-> Comfortable Shoulder Pad, easily removable
-> Stylish Rosette handles with skid proof soft rubber
-> Multiple accessory mounting points
-> Easy handheld and tripod mounting ability.


-> Camera Mount : 1/4"-20
-> Tripod Mount : 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16
-> Accessories Mount : 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16
-> Construction :Complete CNC
-> 180° Adjustable Top Handle
-> SS Counter weight : 1 Kg/2.2lb
-> 15mm rod adapter with centre distance - 60mm
-> 15mm Industrial Standard Aluminium Rods
-> EVF Mount: 1/4"-20
    Compatible with any camera having 2.5 mm jack plug
    Output Ports - 1x 12V, 1x 7.2V and 1x5V


Pro cage is specifically designed Camtree Hunt blackmagic cinema camera comes with top handle and Dovetail plate. The sleek and functional design leaves all of the camera's vital features easily accessible. 

bmc rig
Unbeatable, Professional tool for superior performance
blackmagic top handle rig


Top handle is made from aluminum. It has adjustments right/left.


Camera Cage Bracket is made from CNC. It has 1/4'' and 3/8" threaded holes for mounting the other accessories like mic, LCD monitor, led light and etc.
bmcc battery mount

blackmagic cinema camera rig

CAMTREE HUNT Dovetail Plate

The CAMTREE HUNT Lightweight Standard Dovetail Plate tripod mount. It is made from aluminum alloy and stainless steel.


Camtree Hunt Flexible camera Mount offers a great solution for those extended hours of shooting with your shoulder rig. This piece allows you to conveniently turn any rig with a 15mm rod support system into a shoulder mount. Easily adjust the joints to set the position of the shoulder pad as desired and in addition, a 15mm rod adapter piece is included on top of the camera mount shoulder rig, which allows you to attach accessories such as counterweights or a battery plate. 

viewfactor cage
Attain smart results, add artistic choices to your project
battery plate for bmcc


CNC made flexible and adjustable offset clamp with 15mm rod adapter. It has durable steel Rosette gear. Two adjustable joints are provided to set it at any position.


This shoulder pad has 1/4'' & 3/8'' threaded holes for mounting other accessories. It is absolute for all who want to have perfect and extraordinary shots without hand shaking or vibration. It helps you to produce smooth, accurate and effortless shots.
cage rig for bmcc 4k

blackmagic movie rig


The counter balance weight provides easy balance adjustment for personal comfort and fatigue reduced shooting on long days.


Soft rubber grip rig handle set with durable steel rosettes.

bmcc handheld rig
Strong & Sturdy Handgrips


CNC machined Camtree Hunt, EVF mount is a versatile and affordable mounting system designed to mount almost any EVF to a camera rail system either through the rail mounting adapter or directly to the camera handle bracket with standard ¼" threads. It provides secure, lightweight mounting options and multiple adjustments for personal eye line preference. 

black magic cinema camera shoulder rig
Ultimate EVF mount with great positioning options
black magic cinema camera rigs


Camtree Hunt EVF mounting bracket allows the viewfinder to be tilted within a range of 360 degrees. It has 1/4" standard threads settings for mounting various multiple accessories.


Lightweight, aluminum constructed 14cm long rod adjusts horizontally along the 15mm rod adapter.
blackmagic camera rig

black rig


The 15mm rod adapter with 60mm central distance perfectly work with 15mm industrial standard rods.

Multi Power Splitter (CH-PS-F)
(Revised on 4-Jan-2016)

Camtree Hunt Multi-channel power splitter for V-Mount battery features a myriad of inputs and outputs that makes it an efficient and reliable piece of equipment. It mounts securely onto any industry standard 15mm rail system with center to center distance of 60mm. By mounting multi channel power supply system on your camera rig, you can effectively create a perfect counter balance for your camera, helping the balance of the rig. In addition, all devices such as LED lights, mics, monitors, camcorders and other equipment’s can also be powered from a single portable power source. 

It serves as both an input for charging purposes and an output to enable the user to power accessories. In short, it can be used as a complete power supply solution for powering video or photographic accessories. 

bmc rig
Ideal placement for a V Mount Battery
Revised on 4-Jan-2016


bmcc battery solution
Revised on 4-Jan-2016


Made of top grade quality material, Portable and ergonomically designed, this 25” long CAMTREE Blackmagic Camera Power Cable D - Tap to DC Plug ensures high-speed and error-free data transfer. This Blackmagic camera power cable is made from ultra-light, yet durable cable connectors, with a D-Tap cable connector at one end and DC plug at the other end. Simply plug it into any D-Tap power outlet for a convenient way to give power supply to your camera. 

black magic cinema camera accessories

Performance oriented power cable solely for Blackmagic cameras

black magic power supply
Highest quality professional grade connectors


Added On 05-Feb-2015 

V-Remote control is designed to take videos more conveniently. It's highly sensitive, has a long distance range, and operates easily. The start/stop button mounts conveniently on handle of your rig via its Velcro strap. It’s pretty easy to use; simply attaches to the handle of your rig. Free your hands from camera; remotely start & stop video; trigger the shutter whenever and wherever you want. 

Note: V remote control is compatible with any camera having 2.5 mm jack plug. 

photography accessories
Fits most rig handles , Camera strap also be held in your hand


->  World-class remote control of stills and video.
->  Simple to operate.
->  Small, and easily portable
->  Multiple mounting option


Tan High Impact Protective Packing for Carrying, Transporting and Storing your Valuable Equipment – absolutely FREE with this Product.

CAMTREE HUNT Pro Cage Shoulder Rig for Blackmagic Cinema camera / Production Camera 4K cage comes in a Camtree 1450 Case. Storage Case 14.62x10. 18x6, Tan w/foam is completely crafted from padlock shielders and stainless steel components, providing high protection to your valuable assets of production. The customized sturdy case, long-lasting and highly potent has been constructed from ultra high – impact functional copolymer with a strong wall design featuring an open cell core. Alterations in air temperature and pressure are dealt through absolutely sealed off ABS latches and O-ring consisting of an automatic purge valve which allows rapid equalization. The size of the robust yet light weight case makes it completely perfect for even bigger and heavier cameras and accessories.


->  Strong and Secure.
->  Easily unfastened - dual throw latches.
->  Pick n Pluck with convoluted lid foam.
->  Tan matte finishing.
->  Lifetime quality assurance.
blackmagic cinema camera rig
Enjoy Life Time Product Safety and Functionality.


shooting rigs
Performance oriented shoulder mount camera platform
Revised on 4-Jan-2016

blackmagic rig
Durable as well as flexible , easily mount on tripod stand
Revised on 4-Jan-2016

blackmagic camera rigs
Fully loaded with vast blend of mounting options
Revised on 4-Jan-2016

EXCLUSIVE of Camera, View Finder, Matte Box, Follow Focus, Battery, Fluid Head and Tripod Stand
Weight 22.00 lbs

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