PROAIM Shoulder Mount Stabilizer with Chest Support with 15mm Rail System (P-SMC)


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The Proaim Shoulder Mount Stabilizer with Chest Support adds stability and takes the entire load from the hands. It serves as a "Third Hand" and sets you free for focusing, zooming and operating the camera controls. 

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The Proaim Shoulder Mount Stabilizer with Chest Support adds stability and takes the entire load from the hands. It serves as a "Third Hand" and sets you free for focusing, zooming and operating the camera controls. 

If you are a one-man crew and commute via public transport and want to get rid of bulky shoulder packs, this Proaim Shoulder Mount Stabilizer with Chest Support is all you need! 

This lightweight DSLR video support eliminate camera shake while recording and produces smooth, accurate, and effortless shots at an affordable price! 

It is easy on your wallet. Best designed chest support available today with mini 15mm Rail System at just $117. 

dslr shoulder stabilizer
One of the best designed shoulder mount stabilizers available today
->  Amateur, prosumer and professionally endorsed
->  A must have inclusion to your DSLR video support kit
->  Provides steadycam results in a mini format
->  Canon 5D II and Nikon D90 certified for easy set up
->  Fluid camera movement and fatigue free shooting
->  Quick release plate accepts all cameras
->  Quality Assurance Guarantee

dslr shoulder stabilizer 
Revised On 14-July-2015
camera shoulder mount dslr-proaimlogo

In keeping with the technical advancement of today's smaller, lighter more versatile cameras, the design team at thecinecity keeps pace with smaller, lighter more versatile camera platforms. A range of products equal to the sophistication of the cameras they support, do the job and more. Our new Proaim Shoulder Mount Stabilizer is a result of our commitment to 'continuous improvement' in all that we do. 

Enjoy fatigue free shooting for complex projects like home movies, independent films, walking shots of the bride and groom, family gatherings, and other great outdoor scenes.


->  PROAIM Shoulder Mount Stabilizer with Chest Support
->  Mini 15mm Rail System
->  2 x 300mm Female Threaded Rods (Revised on 14-July-2015)
->  2 x 150mm Male Threaded Rods (Revised on 14-July-2015)
->  FREE Wire Organizer Clamp


->  Our Proaim shoulder mount stabilizer with chest support + cine-mini 15mm rail system, 
     camera base plate and quick release plate.
->  Construction Black anodized aluminum with stainless steel Rods.
->  Shoulder pad's cover of protective aluminum with cushion foam lining.
->  15mm Rail System Diameter.
->  Rail Span - 60 mm.
->  Length - 450mm (45cm).
->  Shoulder Mount Stabilizer Handles adapt to 19mm Rods.
->  Handles to rail mounting adapter via gear teeth.
->  Adjustable Rod Support to align camera to accommodate accessories
     like follow focus, matte box and more.


->  Lightweight aluminum construction
->  Fits Rail diameter of 15mm/19mm
->  Accessories mounting Holes - 1/4"


Proaim shoulder mount stabilizer described as 'one of the best' movie equipment available in the market today. Using the rail system, you can easily mount camera improvement accessories of different sizes to the shooting platform. Shoulder-mount handles with metal-geared teeth and grips designed for comfort and durability provide a secure mounting surface and a comfortable handhold. 

cheap shoulder mount


Our PROAIM Shoulder DSLR Rig has adjustable Rosette handles that fit standard 15mm/19mm rails. With soft comfort grips and easily adjustable DSLR rig handle (s) for personal preference, it makes shooting and framing more comfortable and easy.


Quick mount & removal of camera with the help of Proaim quick release plate consisting of 1/4" standard screws. The height of the camera can be easily adjusted by adding the provided shims. The Base Plate is designed to support the 15mm rail system from the bottom while allowing for easy tripod set up in two different ways.
dslr kits

5d shoulder mount


This shoulder pad is perfect for all who want to have perfect and extraordinary shots without hand shaking or vibration. It helps to support the chest and produce smooth, accurate and effortless shots.


camera shoulder mount dslr
A comprehensive package with astonishing features

DSLR video support
Sophisticated style blends with practical shooting
Exclusive of Follow Focus, Matte Box, Speed Crank, Whip, Head, Tripod & Camera
Used for DEMONSTRATION purpose only
Weight 9.00 lbs

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