Proaim Moonman Video Shoulder Rig (P-MNM)


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Provides precise camera movement in most demanding shooting conditions anywhere and makes entirely new categories of shots possible. 

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Provides precise camera movement in most demanding shooting conditions anywhere and makes entirely new categories of shots possible. 

Keeps your camera stable and smooth enough to prevent wobble and skew effects, no matter where you’re shooting. 

Let technological excellence brings wonders for you!! 

dslr camera rigs 

->  Complete Production Ready camera support
->  Anti twist system to prevent DSLR cameras from rotating
->  Suits all Modern DSLR- and camcorders
->  Aluminum construction for strength and durability
->  Enables quick changes from tripod/no rig to shoulder setup
->  Heavy duty shoulder pad with weightless counterweight system
->  Quality Assurance Guarantee

dslr rig movie kit

shoulder rig kit-logo

Gone are the days, when video production required truck loads of gear in order to shoot a single scene. Today’s modern cameras demand modern support platforms and our Moonman Video Shoulder Rig is that and more. It is created for filmmakers with long workdays, long shoots or heavy setups with myriad accessories that needs to be attached to the rig. The backrod and waistbelt acts as a most effective weightless counter weight system out there. And takes all weight of your arms, it even allows you to let go of the handles. 

dslr shoulder rig
Modular design with wide range of customizing options

The large and comfortable angeled shoulder piece distributes the weight evenly over your shoulder to carry a heavy setup for a long period of time.The dovetail system enables quick switch from tripod/no rig to shoulder Features unique reversible belt driven one-rod-mount designed in a way that it holds onto the handles while pulling focus.



->  Proaim Moonman Video Shoulder Rig (P-MNM)

dslr shoulder rig


->  Run-and-gun style shoulder rig
->  Fully compatible with all DSLR and camcorders
->  Modular and upgradeable to larger systems
->  Enables quick changes from tripod/no rig to 
      shoulder setup
->  Can be assembled for left- and right-hand use
->  Foam dressed rod to lean on the shoulder
->  Ergonomic design to maximize comfort

video kit title=


->  Black sand anodized built
->  Rods Material - Aluminum
->  15mm Rods Diameter
->  Fit Rail Distance - 60 mm
->  Metal camera baseplate with tripod 
     mount plate

video kit rig


cinema rigs
A permanent house for unending mounting options

dslr rig kit
Adjustable rod keeps the camera at lower level, eye level,upper level ,

shoulder rig kit
EXCLUSIVE of Camera, Matte Box, MIC, Follow Focus, Fluid Head,LCD, H4N, Blimp and Boom Pole & Teleprompter
Weight 8.50 lbs

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