Cookies Policy

Cookies: Our “CineUltima” website uses cookies that are required to provide the best services. We also use third party analytics tools to capture user statistics for the purpose of reporting website trends. This section explains in detail what cookies are and how we use them in our website to make your experience better.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are information blocks that are stored in the user’s computer drive by the website so that the website can identify the user for future subsequent visits. Thus the cookie is like a label that the website can understand to remember your browser and its details. This information helps track user usage of the site and stores preferences to facilitate easy access during the subsequent visits.

Is it safe to store the data?
Cookies are basic standards of internet businesses. They store the information only till the services are being used and erase them from the computer as soon as the browser is closed. The cookies do not provide access to other information that is stored in your computer and are hence safe.

What to do if you do not want the cookies enabled?
The cookies storage option can be modified if you wish to have the cookies disabled. You can change your browser settings to have the cookies disabled. But please be aware that turning off the cookies might cause certain features to not display or function as required.

For more detailed information on any aspect of our privacy policy, please contact us